The most prestigious automotive event of the year

A day full of VINTAGE & CLASSIC car passion
At Zoute Gallery by EY, you can fully immerse yourself in the timeless allure of vintage & classic cars.

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Bonhams car auction: Showpieces on four wheels

Your Zoute Gallery by EY ticket gives you exclusive access to the rare cars that will be auctioned on Sunday 8 October by the prestigious British auction house Bonhams. This auction promises a wealth of remarkable historic vehicles, many from important national and international collections.
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Enjoy more than 100 unique classic & vintage cars

Enjoy a spectacular exhibition of unique and world famous classic & vintage cars. An unforgettable experience that will take you back to the glory days of automotive history!

Experience the excitement of the rally passage from the front row

From the Zoute Gallery by EY you have a unique view of the passing cars of the rally. Be enchanted by an impressive collection of vintage & classic cars participating in the rally. A spectacular experience with breathtaking views of the action.
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relax in the cozy atmosphere of our lounge

Enjoy the lively atmosphere in our lounge while enjoying a refreshing drink at one of the bars with DJ. A real mirage where a green oasis and the timeless elegance of classic & vintage cars come together. A perfect place to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

A picturesque scene on the beach at Knokke-Heist

The Zoute Concours d'Elégance is moving to the beach this year, under a new name: the Zoute Gallery by EY! Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover the world's most prestigious and exclusive dream cars in one new but breathtaking location.


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Frequently asked questions: Here you will find answers to all your questions

When does the Zoute Grand Prix take place?

Zoute Grand Prix takes place in Knokke-Heist from 5th of October until the 8th of October.

Where will the Zoute Grand Prix take place?

Zoute Grand Prix will take place in Knokke-Heist around the Albertplein. Both PRADO ZOUTE by Kindy Capital and ZOUTE GALLERY by EY are located within walking distance.

Are drinks included in my ticket?

Drinks are not included within your regular ticket. However, if you come with a VIP-ticket they are included.

Are children allowed at Zoute Grand Prix?

Children under 12 do not need a ticket to the events. All children 12 and older years need a valid ticket.
Please remember that our VIP events are 18+ events. If you do bring a minor bring, you will need a valid VIP ticket for him or her.

Are dogs allowed at Zoute Grand Prix?

Dogs are unfortunately not allowed, but assistance dogs that help a person with a disability help, are of course allowed.

How can I attend the Bonhams auction?

On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, provided you have a valid ticket, you can view the cars that will be auctioned live on Sunday. The auction on Sunday is accessible with a valid ticket. However, there will be a demarcated area for bidders and VIP guests, you cannot enter it.

What is the route of the Zoute Rally by stow?

Due to safety reasons we do not share the route of the Zoute Rally by stow. You can see participants depart and leave at PRADO by Kindy Capital on Friday and Saturday.

Can I still buy tickets on the day itself?

Yes! You're able to purchase tickets on the day itself in case of tickets not being sold out. However, we do recommend to purchase tickets in advance if you want to be part of Zoute Grand Prix 2023.

In the Zoute Grand Prix weekend you have next to the Gallery also the PRADO

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